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If you have been convicted of a DWI under the new ignition interlock laws in the state of New Jersey, one of your greatest concerns is probably restoring your license. The State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) plays an important role in reclaiming your right to drive. As you may already know, once the court sentences you to have a car breathalyzer installed into your car, you will receive a notice of suspension from MVC with instructions on how to obtain the device. Smart of New Jersey is proud to report that we are an MVC-approved manufacturer of ignition interlock devices. Rest assured that our devices are in compliance with all of New Jersey MVC standards and we are compatible with the new ignition interlock laws. We will help you get your license restored as fast as possible!

According to the MVC and New Jersey ignition interlock laws, a driver whose sentence requires a car breathalyzer cannot operate any vehicle that does not have an ignition interlock device installed in it. MVC will actually imprint a notation on a driver’s license stating that a person sentenced to a car breathalyzer must have the device in any vehicle they plan to operate. This is called an Interlock Restricted drivers license. The MVC also enters this requirement in the person’s driving record. Whether a person will be driving a vehicle for work, personal use or for any other reason, the new ignition interlock laws require that a car breathalyzer is installed in any and all vehicles that will be in use by the driver with the sentence. Failure to have a car breathalyzer installed when ordered by the court may result in having an additional year of driving privileges suspended.

It is important to follow all ignition interlock laws to ensure that your license is restored in a timely fashion. The MVC follows strict rules governing the use of a car breathalyzer. A person who requires a car breathalyzer can only drive his or her own car because it must have their device installed in it. The penalty for driving a vehicle equipped without the device is an additional year of suspended driving privileges. Furthermore, the MVC will impose an additional year suspension for starting the car by some way other than blowing into the device. It is a crime to circumvent the device. If someone else blows into the device for you, that person may be considered a “disorderly person,” and could face penalties of up to $1,000.00 and six months in jail. Tampering with the car breathalyzer in any way is also a disorderly person offense.

How will you get your license restored? As stated by the MVC, the car breathalyzer must stay on the vehicle until the period stated by the court has been imposed. After a person has completed their term, they may have their car breathalyzer removed. The MVC will no longer include the interlock restriction on the driver’s license, so there is no need to get a new license issued. The ignition interlock laws are pretty straightforward!

If you have been convicted of a DWI under the new ignition interlock laws and you are looking for a car breathalyzer that is affordable, easy-to-use and dependable, you have come to the right place. With locations all across the state of New Jersey, there is, without a doubt, a service center near you. Smart Start understands that this is a difficult time and we want to make this as simple for you as possible. Let our friendly representatives handle all aspects of your installation for you. We even install for free!

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